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I was to paint a metal porch roof for a customer. It is the type ware you have the soldered flat seams. They want to go out and use this porch more in the future. It is a good porch with a knee high built in wall all the way around. There was some posts screwed in to the metal and a few nail holes here and there. The problem is the area just outside of the door. It was repaired once before. Before I took a look at a bad spot it looked like a joist was to high and causing that spot to ware through. On further inspection it is not a joist. It is the old tin roof joints. They just put the patch over the old tin. The patch is about 4x8. It looks like they nailed it down and soldered the nail heads. Has to be more than that to seal the edges. The problem is that there are a number of bad ware areas and some nail holes in this area of the patch.
I am fairly handy and understand for the most part the workings of the metal roof. After pressure washing it down I was able to see all the areas to fix. An idea to both fix the problem areas and put a coating on it that would seal all the seams, holes, and any pin holes was to spray on a commercial bed liner that a body shop would put on a pick up truck box. Problem areas would be sealed with a window weld for sealing windshields. This sealant stays flexible. The bed liner can take the expansion and contraction of the metal roof as well as durable for day to day use by the home owner. I also can vary the texture for a non slip surface.
The problem is the patch area. The patch has to be taken off. Ether the old tin taken off before new tin put on or it stays on but a leveler is put on to make a smooth surface for the new tin. Only problem of taking it off is that there may be high seam areas at the edges of the new tin.
Can a large 4x8 sheet be put on this area and sealed? Thanks for any help with this. David.
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