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I'm remodeling my bathroom and came across some obvious termite damage. Pest control has been called and appointments are made.
This whole bathroom was an add-on to the original house some time after initial build (yr?). The damage is in the two corner studs of the bath/shower which happen to be the exterior wall with damage also done a single plank of horizontal sheathing.
Finally my questions : do the studs and sheathing have to come out OR can I apply some kind of filler to the wood?
Also how does wood filler work in these cases? Does it expand and penetrate? Can I use "Great Stuff" /Hilti expanding foam to accomplish this? Would that make the wood structurally safe? Does an anti-pest product like that already exist?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Pictures and/or video coming soon.

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Little devils.

There are expoxy products that can re-store the most damaged of rotten or insect eaten wood to stronger than normal but your local inspector will not buy into them for structural members. You should should see what the exterminator says first. Then sister the members you need to replace with new members, fit new structure and be done. Usually with termite damage, but not always, what you see is but a minor portion of the problem though.

Going to cost you a few schillings from what you planned to toss to the Royal Wedding but here is the right way to do it.

You do need to find where that moisture is coming from and resolve that. Termites love warm moist wood more than the whole logs they eat in the environment.
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