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Harbor Freight gets a lot of ****, but the 200+ piece socket set I bought 6 years ago has been amazing. I think it cost about $100. I use it all the time and I've never broken a socket or wrench or anything, highly recommended.

But as is common with harbor freight stuff, sometimes you get quality tools in ****ty cases. The seem between the top and bottom half of my case finally snapped today. I need to find some way to fix this case. Something that isn't going to go and break again a week later. I'm thinking like a metal hinge glued to the plastic with some kind of amazing magic glue?

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Try to epoxy a piano hinge on it.

Piano hinge: A long hinge that is continuous.

Sold in most hardware departments, in several different lengths up to 6 feet long.

In the interim I have used a bungee strap to hold the two halves together until I got around to fixin it.

A Craftsman box, so this is not just harbor freight stuff.


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Big threaded short screws and a little leather will work wonders. Hey, it has worked for me. :smile: Or just use a couple of bungy cords until you can get it fixed
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