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I am looking for some advice from some people more knowledgeable than me on the subject. My yard has taken a beating over the last few years, between a new sewer line, having an inground pool knocked in, getting a fence installed, having some trees removed and demoing a concreate condensing unit pad. I have thrown down some grass seed on some spots awhile back but for the most part my yard is miscellaneous weeds, clover, and moss mixed in with some patches of grass. Since we are in this quarantine and I have free time and the capability of having some seed delivered, I was wondering what would be the best means of action to repairing my yard? Do I spread some Scotts Weed and feed or should I throw all new grass seed? I have attached a few pictures showing a little of what I have going on. I can also take more photos if you guys would like. I appreciate all the advice given and thank you in advance!

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Ayuh,...... If yer like me, where anything green, 'n mowable is a "Lawn",....

I'd over-seed it with white clover, 'n mow it as ya always do,......
Or over-seed it with a quick contractor mix grass seed,..... spiked with white clover, at 'bout 5 or 10%,....;)

If yer like some that think a lawn has to be all one kind of grass, perfectly even throughout,.....
You've got Alota work ahead of you,.....
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