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I want to put new metal over old metal on my tool shed. Is this doable or must I remove old metal first?
I have seen 2 layers of metal,I have never installed metal over metal.

What are the dimensions of your shed?

What type of metal is there right now?

The way I have seen it isn't very appealing.Existing metal with new boards with new metal going over that adds some weight.Several inches gap between the new metal to the existing will have to be considered.But metal accessories are available to address that issue.

With the weight factor coming into play,are your trusses and walls 2"x 4",or 2"x 6" or steel?

What material will you be using? What is the weight per sq.?

I personally IMO would not do it,but since it won't be a family dwelling you might get away with it.Personally I would not.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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