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repairing large cracks in paint

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I'm planning on painting my hallway. The paint is old and up near the ceiling it had large pieces peeling away (some of them 3 inches long). Not knowing how old the paint is I didn't want to sand it so I got up there with a utility razor blade and cut out all the peeling paint. The paint peeling I took down is thick and the newly exposed openings in the wall are a textured surface. It doesn't look like paint so possibly it's the textured drywall that has now been exposed in these places. If I paint the wall without raising the level of these openings, then these openings will show through. Should I use spackle or joint compound to fill in these lower areas? I've read in some places that "spackle is for repairing small dings and nail holes" but I wasn't sure if joint compound was the way to go either. If anyone has any advice on which of these two I should use, or any other suggestions, it would be much appreciated. Btw, the paint is flat and looks like latex, if that makes any difference. Thanks :confused1:
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I think you might need to post pics... I'm having a hard time picturing your problem.

As far as the huge chips you have removed... yes, j/c is the way to go, along with at least an 8" joint knife.

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