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repairing (front door) jam

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recently had the storm door on the front swing krazy and split the door jam closest to the outside. it is actually where the storm door hydraulic thing mounts to the jam. split it good have screwed it down but now just wanna fix it. unsure of how to to this wanted to just cut out this thin looking peice of board but as i get into it i believe that this isnt just a thin board?? how should i go about this:wink:
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Just my two cents. I'd cut a strip of wood or plywood to the same dimensions as jamb on the damaged side. Then glue and nail over the existing damaged jamb. Caulk, paint and reattach your strom-door hardware to the new jamb overlay. You'll need more then a handsaw to cut that overlay.

Best of luck with the project, rredogg
just replace that leg of the jamb
take the frame off and remake the jamb leg or buy a new one and reinstall the the door
I never really liked those jamb repairs.
The jamb for that side should be readily available to purchase. The old jamb can be removed by removing the actual door and not the entire door frame. Some trimming will be involved I'm sure but it's not that bad a job. I've been there, done that multiple times. Good Luck, David
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