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Repairing Drywall Nails/Holes/Woodwork

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Asking for advice on hopefully relatively simple repairs. Few holes/nails exposed in my living room wall, along with cracks (the first three pictures). The fourth ugly picture is mostly a result of a buckled metal type material embedded in the wall. Part of the metal sticking out and no clue what I can do about that. Maybe I can disguise that in some way? Please be as detailed as possible in any answer as I am not too much the handyman type and have no desires to spend a few hundred dollars on things around the house that I really should be able to handle. Thanks so much!:smile:


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This a much bigger problem and it should be dug into, there could be water famage to the wood in the wall.

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It's best to use a setting compound like Durabond or EasySand when using mesh tape. It insures the tape won't fail. It also allows you to finish the repair quicker.

Where the corner bead is exposed shown in the bottom pick I would coat the exposed corner bead with a rust inhibitive primer. Mud when dry. As Neal mentioned you need to make sure the moisture isn't ongoing.
I would actually go so far as to scrape off the corner bead until you get up to where you have no rust, then treat the rust, and repair the corner.
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If they're nail/screw 'pops' you can usually get away with tightening them down and covering with patching compound. I like to create a bit of a concave 'divot' - a light tap with a ballpean hammer or even a good push with the butt of a screwdriver - before apply to patch. If it's a through hole like shown they need physical support as posted (if it's just a small through nail hole or something really small, then not). It look like the paper coating has been torn. A thin skim coat of patching compound and light sanding should solve that. For the pic at the baseboard, I'd just smooth in some patching compound with my finger.
For time posting here. Great answers. I really appreciate all the suggestions. Thanks so much!
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