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We run into this situation every month. It has most to do with the construction of the whole system, not with the quality of the products nor perhaps the quality of the workmanship. It has to do with waterproofing. Showers in the millions are built just like your one, and one by one they're falling apaprt.

Water has somehow gotten behind the tile, mold has grown and has fed off the wallboard. The only solution to your problem is to take down those walls, including the wallboard and tiles, and pitch it. Go right back to the studs and start from there.

Then: new drywall, new waterproofing membrane, thinset and tiles. grout with standard non-sanded grout and seal the grout. Cement board can get in there somewhere but depends on what waterproofing system you adopt. We can advise on the specific details of each system down the road...

You're not alone..nowadays, we build showers to last 40 years, not 10.
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