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repairing 45degree ceiling joint

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I have a vaulted ceiling which meets a flat second floor ceiling in my loft area. Just beneath this joint is the railing. The tape has begun peeling and separating almost the entire length, roughly twenty feet long. Once I removed the old tape, etc., I will mud and tape and so on. My question is how can I keep the joint line straight for such a long distance. I will be leaning somewhat over the railing as I stand on the ladder, so this will be precarious, to say the least. Once the tape is set, is it best to try to do both sides all the way, or just one side, let it dry, then do the other? I can mud and sand to make it look ok, not professional, but the idea of a wavy seam would make me crazy. Help!
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BE CAREFUL, you are scaring me with that leaning over thought. Seriously, there are ways to get out there that are safe, but I would need some pictures to make suggestions.

I haven't had to do a 45° lately, but in my early days I did poorly. My attempt to do better was to attach a strip of carpet edging to provide a guide to keep me straight. The process is as you asked, one side at a time, but it quickly identified the up and down nature of the rafters and allowed me to fill as opposed to follow the wave. the result was, IMO, very slow, but very good. It probably would have been easier if the framing crew had done a better job of crowning the rafters. next time i will shim and trim before I try to hang.

If the framing's off, the seam will be off.
I use steel backed paper tape for those angled joints.
Look around there are several items that are for angles like that NO-COAT is one Strait Flex is another both are stiffer than paper tape and unless it's way out of line can hide the unevenness.
You'll absolutely want to use a steel reinforced corner tape:

Been there, did it wrong, re-did it with this stuff & kicked myself for not using it the first time.
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Ive never seen that stuff for sale in 45* though
Ive never seen that stuff for sale in 45* though
It's not angled. It's actually 2 strips of metal, so it conforms to the angle you need.
Got to admit in all my years have never used it or seen it used.
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