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repair unlevel garage floor

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Our garage floor appears to have a slight dip just inside of where the overhead door closes. In the winter, water pools in these dips which is quite dangerous and slippery. The constant water has also caused concrete damage. We patched some of the damage last summer but now have new areas that are crumbling. We want to repair the dip and then seal the floor. We are thinking about using a self leveling floor resurfacer and then seal it with epoxy. We are concerned that using this approach may not fix the problem as we would not have a proper slope to the whole garage floor. Some suggestions and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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1st off, welcome to the forums but didn't anything ask for a location ? might not be an issue here but always helps us - pics do, too, but you're new so might not be poss.

pooling water should only be dangerous/slippery if it freezes OR pools in a hard-trowel'd floor,,, normal water doesn't cause conc damage while wtr dripping from my gutter will over time IF the drip hits the same spot during every rain :furious: [ reminder to self - FIX THAT &^[email protected]$*((#^# LEAK ! ]

think you've got the method however may have bought wrong mtls ( apron / vest store ? ) - the dip/s call'd a ' birdbath ' - be particularly careful to grind the area to prep it & blow off all the dust,,, get a polymer-modified repair mortar that allows feather edging,,, self levelers aren't my choice as they never do unless you're a pro :no: this is trowel & straight edge work,,, sealing's another thread & epoxies [ NEVER use wtr-bas'd epoxy ] aren't my choice but you might 1st repair it see then see what's next on the list,,, think about grinding ' slope ' from where the garage door sits on the threshold to where conc floor abuts the d/w,,, that helped us immensely,,, best thing to remember is wtr runs downhill :thumbsup:

ope to the whole garage floor. Some suggestions and guidance would be greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]
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Sorry forgot to mention we are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
knowing you're up ' there ' would have made a difference,,, pls re-read the post & mentally add-in a sprinkling of ' eh ? ',,, should be more relevant then :thumbsup:
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