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Repair Info for Carrier 58 MVP

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Hey guys great forum,

I've got a carrier MVP 58 that was shoe horned into a low attic by the previous home owner. Its set up to left to right horizontal flow.

It's about 12 years old, and runs well, however when I tried to get my local hvac to do a tune up on it this year he refused because its hard to get to. It is indeed hard to get to. :furious:

So I need to figure out common maintaince items before it fails, because if it in the middle of winter it won't be easy to work on or replace.

I'm a DIY guy so not afraid to get In there but so far I haven't been able to find much in terms of details on disassembly. I found this but it's vague:

Looking for common stuff like:
How to clean blower and inducer motors.
I cleaned the condensation legs, they were fairly clean.
Should I replace igniter just to be safe? Same for flame sensor.
How do I pull the burners to clean?

Anyone point me in the right direction?

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hi ,if your worried about break downs even new parts wont garrentee no service calls ,,, id say if you want buy the spare parts and keep on site in case of emergency ,, replace yur air filter clean any drains .. and do the service work in the off season so yur not rushing just a thought in mean time we find out how and what to do for ya ,,
If yours has the old type of HSI I would replace it with a Silicone Nitride type, and buy a spare. The older type that looked like a M will usually fail in 3-5 years.

Clean out the trap, and clean out the secondary heat exchanger, and blower wheel. Easy to pull the blower, two 5/16 HWH tapping screws. Were I you, I would also buy a spare contol board for backup, and mark all wires. Pex supply has replacement boards for about 74 bucks, and SN Igniters for around 35. Great deal, free overnight in most cases.
Sounds like you need to find someone who isnt affraid to put alittle effort to get to the unit or make it easier to access the furnace[make a new attic access]There will probably be a time when some experienced eyeballs have to troubleshoot something.
Thanks for the responses, the furnace I have is also known as the Carrier Infinity if that makes any difference

As far as access it isn't horrible, it just isn't great. I have a retractable staircase that lets you get into the attic easily, but then it's a low roof line so there isn't much height. You have to kind of crawl on your stomach along the cat walk. My local HVAC shop sent a guy that was near 350 lbs, when I asked for someone small, so naturally he physically couldn't do it.

Here are two pics, how bad is this access?

Up the stairs:

Climb around:

I have no problem getting to it, and removing the front cover. Changing the filter is so so, because is the pleated kind and you have to pull the whole filter rack down to do it.


How do I pull out the secondary heat exchanger? Does everything come out on the front side of the furnace, or do some items come out of the rear? The link I posted tells you what to clean, but it really just tells you to "clean it".

My real issue is I haven't found a detailed diagram of the components and how to remove them. I have no problem experimenting in the spring when I don't need it, but right now if something went south I'd be in panic mode to get it figured out.
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Just make sure the trap is clean, and all the lines going to the trap. Tough deal you have there.

I must of had a premonition.

I was out of town, and from my wireless thermostat, saw this morning temp was set to 68, but house at 62.

Rushed home (4 hour) drive, and diagnosed a Code 44, blower motor out of range. Blower was not spinning up at all, I diagnosed it as either a bad motor or bad motor control module.

Call my local HVAC guy just as I didn't want to start guessing and throwing parts at the furnace. He brought his ECM testing kit, and agreed, and we swapped out the blower control module.

As I mention before, the access made the job difficult. Really hard to fanagle the blower assembled out of the furnace, since it was hitting a roof cross beam. Managed to get it out. Took us 3 hours to remove and replace. Fired right up.

We were also able to see the blower wheel, and inside of the heat exchangers looked mint and very clean, which was awesome.

Guess the original one lasted from 98 so hopefully I'm good for another 15 years!!

Can anyone link me to a place that lists parts for my furnace based on the model number? Thanks!!:thumbsup:
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