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Repair Etched Driveway

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Previous homeowner evidently decided that the best way to clean tire marks and oil on the natural concrete driveway was to use a concrete etcher product. Now those areas of the drive are much lighter in color than the rest and this is VERY noticeable whenever the drive is wet or it rains.

Looking for solutions to repair those areas without completely stripping the drive. Please note this is in N. Texas so I need something that can weather the hot Texas sun.

My only thought is staining those areas but I'm not sure if that is the best answer or even what products to use to maintain the natural concrete color. Advice please.
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If you can provide some pictures of the areas in question it would be very helpful. It's hard to come up with a solution without seeing what's going on.
have seen this in ga - not much heals the problem other than installing an overlay over the whole driveway

how do you define 'completely stripping the drive' ? whutz that mean ?
Pictures below, this is after a rain when it is most (glaringly) noticeable. Regarding striping the whole drive, I was referring to etching the whole drive so it matches. Probably not something I would want to do I'm guessing.

Overlay the whole drive? With what material/product?

Is it possible to just stain the discolored areas with something that matches the natural concrete color and if so what would you use?


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