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Repair drywall behind mirrored wall that were removed

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We just removed a wall of mirrors. Left are the brown drywall glue spots. The wall is also orange peel textured and is a focal point in the dining room. We thought about just covering it with new drywall or wallpapering. Does anyone have any suggestions? We want to keep this 8' x 10' wall under $100.00. Thank you:eek:
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What you want to do is:

1. Remove any left over adhesive from the wall.
2. Remove any loose sheetrock surface paper.
3. Apply Zinnser's Gardz over the brown spots and torn paper face.


4. Upon curing/drying of the Gardz: Apply skim coats of drywall joint compound smoothly.
5. Apply the compound per normal application. Upon drying, sand smooth. (This will take 2 to 3 coats of compound to get damaged areas smooth)
6. Upon completion of smoothing out the wall area: Apply your Orange peel texture per standard application procedure.


7. Prime and Paint.

This should all be definitely under $100.00 in cost.

Good Luck on the Project.
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Drywall repair

Thank you very much for the great step by step instructions. I will be waiting for Home Depot to open this morning!
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