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Hi all,

I have a deck covered with a Duradek vinyl membrane. My neighbors and I feel the builder of our THs in King Farm MD did us wrong. This stuff is a dirt magnet and extremely hard to clean. The deck sits over a 2-car garage and gets extremely hot--like in burn your toes off--in the summer. However, my immediate problem is that on the corners of the deck where there is no traffic, the membrane is starting to crack and tear. Does anyone know how to repair or replace this type of deck cover?

Sandra :no:

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How old is it? From their website:
"Duradek Ltd. warrants the surface appearance of the membrane for 5 years. Should the deck membrane, when installed and maintained in
accordance with Duradek Ltd.'s recommendations demonstrate excessive blotchiness, loss of pattern, or other aesthetic shortcoming over
and above what would be considered its natural aging process, but not including dirt or any foreign material staining or being ground into
the surface, Duradek Ltd. will replace or re-coat the affected area in the following manner:
a. If the problem occurs and is reported in writing to Duradek Ltd. within two (2) years of the installation date, the affected portion of
the membrane (at Duradek Ltd.’s discretion) will be replaced (solid color products will be re-coated) at Duradek Ltd.’s expense.
b. If the problem occurs and is reported in writing to Duradek Ltd. after two (2) and within five (5) years of the installation date, Duradek Ltd.
shall provide materials only for replacement (or re-coating if the surface is a solid color) and the customer will be responsible for
the installation labor."
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