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Repair Aluminum Storm Windows?

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Hi all,
My house is 50 years old. A lot of the windows are original single pane, with two-track aluminum storm windows/screens. The plastic latches or pins have broken on several of the storm windows. I've watched some YouTube videos about repairing these, and I'm not quite sure I want to take it on. Has anyone done this? Waste of time / frustrating, or worthwhile?
Thanks in advance.
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Totally depends. There are places you and source parts, but how much do you want to spend fitting up some old storms and single pane windows?
Totally depends. There are places you and source parts, but how much do you want to spend fitting up some old storms and single pane windows?
I'd rather not spend too much, which is why I'm wondering how easy the repairs are. New windows are not in the budget. Right now these storms won't stay open, or don't stay in the frame. If they tend to be tricky to DIY repair, I'll search for someplace that fixes them.
If the corners are the ribbed type , it is a fairly simple , easy job .

The type with the , (for lack of a better term), punched dimples , are more challenging .

Can you post pics ?
At one time or another I replaced every part of a storm window except the frame.

The hardest thing is figuring out which part you need.

These folks do a great job:
I'll try to post images below - I think they are the "punched dimple" variety

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Those can be fixed , but you would need to drill out those punched "dimples" out . Then pry the frame open to remove .

Insert new corners (& latches ) & re-secure with a center punch ………….without breaking the glass .:biggrin2:
Or just spread the channel with a big flat blade screwdriver and use vice grips to close it down again.
I forgot to add this :

I don't mean to contradict other posters , but if you can get the corners & latches out , I have purchased them from my local (Ace) hardware store , for 3 reasons .

1. As Colby implied , there are dozens of styles of corners & latches . They can identify the correct parts without having to ship examples to Blaine or Swisco .


2. You won't have to pay for shipping .

3. In your OP , you indicated that you had a lot of windows needing repair . They should give you a break on the price if you are ordering a couple dozen or more .
An update - I ended up taking the windows to the local window repair store. To replace 6 corners and 4 latches, they are charging $60. That's a bit more than I wanted to spend, and I know would make it worth DIY to many. I decided I can better use my time on something else. Thanks for the advice!
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That's not a terrible price and you supported the local economy.

Sometimes paying is the better choice.
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