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Repainting wood shutters?

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I am wanting to repaint my wooden exterior shutters, they are starting to peel, right now they are white with the trim around the window white and I am wanting them black with the trim around the windows still white. I do not know hardly anything about shutters can you help me, starting from how to take them down?
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They should be held onto the house by either 4 screws or by 2 hinges. If they are on hinges the will just lift up off the hinges. Scrape the loose paint, prime the bare wood and paint away. You will probably need 2 coats gong from white to black.
Keep in mind that if your shutters are cedar or redwood you will have to use an oil-based primer (to seal the tannins - latex primer on cedar/redwood will still give peeling results). Otherwise, do as Matthew suggests: scrape all the peeling paint from the shutter (or even better, *all* the paint), prime with a latex exterior primer (1 coat), and topcoat with an exterior latex (2 coats).

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