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I am repainting a composite sign.
I Primed with 3 coats of S/W Multi Purpose latex Paint, B51W8020.
Top coat 3 coats of Resilience ext acrylic latex Paint,K43T54.
All coats have min.of 24hrs between coats.
I must do the lettering on top of the Resilience.
I am using green and gold.
What is the best paint to use for the Lettering oil or Acrylic?
Is ''one Shot'' good on top the Resilience paint?
Thank you,

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To answer your question directly, although the paint is solvent based it is actually an alkyd enamel product so will work well over the base you have laid down. Alkyd is a rather universal problem solver and sticks to most anything. Most anything can be painted over it as well. I would check for a manufacture or expiration date to be safe!

"1 Shot" is what most pro sign painters I know use. As you probably know it is designed for lettering, pinstriping and so forth and is nice because it will not "crawl" on you. It comes in a rainbow of colors and they mix well together to get just about anything in between. There are several green hues and I forget how many gold ones. Obviously the metallic color chart would be irrelevant on a computer screen so look in the store. You can get 1 Shot in small containers too which is nice.

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