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Renovating Copper ceilings

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I just purchased an old building in fairly good shape. It was built in 1887 and has real copper ceiling tile. The problem is that it isn't in the best shape. I would like to take it down and clean it up, make sure the support structure is good and insulate the roof above it (there is at least 3 feet above the ceiling to the roof) with foam insulation.
The questions I have are:
1) How do you take it down without damaging what is good?:eek:
2) Is it possible to clean them up. There is white coating of some kind on the copper. (Yes, it really is copper not tin):thumbup:
Any other helpful hints, guides and DIY input would be helpful.
I do not have the funds to have this done professionally. I am a fairly decent carpenter, metal worker. I just don't want to screw this up. The ceiling is worth more than I paid for the building.
Thanks in advance. :)
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These were generally nailed up, one panel at a time. Does it have the edge coving still in place? If it does, that would come down first.
It's nailed like siding. Not cinched to the surface, so you should have some space under the nail head to grab it, rotate and pull it straight out. You can't put any pressure on the panels or they will crush.
Post some photos if you can.
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"JuJuVernon; The state is about to get involve. Which may be a great thing or not...."
You'll need to factor in the cost of a proctologist just to remove them from your hind quarters.
We're here from the government to help you.:laughing:
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