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removing window from bathroom

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I have a window in the bathroom that I need to remove. there is also some sort of storage box that is made of wood in the wall that needs taken out as well. from what I have been told from a number of people is that I can take the window out, take the box out and essentially everything is a piece of cake. I have a bunch of questions and honestly don't know what to do first or what is the most important step to take. I would also say that I'm very mechanically inclined and I'm very capable of doing this job, however I'm not knowledgable enough to feel comfortable just jumping right in and doing it. I guess I'm just looking for direction is all.

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Big issue will be the creation of seams in your vinyl siding unless you replace it all. The jist of this job is going to be (1) remove any interior and exterior window trim, (2) remove/cut any nails/screws holding window to framing, (3) remove window, (4) place studs where window was...spacing should be 16" on center but in this small place you can do what is needed, (5) Seal the hole so water doesn't come in from the outside or inside. From there it is your choice on how to finish the shower, drywall is frowned upon in showers unless you make water tight and your exterior will need sheathing and maybe tyvek or insulation before you can run siding over it. Best idea is to SEARCH for these answers because they exist.
I just need to get the window gone. just wanted to make sure I was being told correct. I was thinking cement board because green board was only to be used if I was going to tile over it. just needs to get me through till the spring/ summer because I have other plans for the bathroom but can't afford all the material till then. siding I hope to have gone/ replaced as well. just not now
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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