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Removing Subfloor for Wall Access

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I need to route some wires for wall mounting a flat screen TV, the problem is I have to cross 3 bays in the wall with no attic access because I am running these wires on the 1st floor of a 2 story house.

I was thinking that I might be able to remove the subfloor on the second story to gain access to the lower story wall.

Can you guys tell me if this will work? It is on an exterior wall, the floor joists are standard I beams.

My fear was after I remove the subfloor The I beams may still block me from getting into the lower wall with a tape to pull the wires up and back down.
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Is it likely that I will find that the sub floor is glued down? I have never removed a subfloor so I wasn't sure if I could simply pull it up and put it back down without replacing it?
would you suggest pulling up the entire 4x8 sheet? or just cutting 4 or so inches off around the wall (of course stopping the cut at joists). Then only replace the 4" strip? (Using blocks under the 4" strip when reinstalling)
Yes the bottom floor is concrete.

Let me make sure I understand your idea. I take off the baseboard on the second floor, cut the sheetrock so I can see the studs, run the wires up to the second floor, notch the studs for the wires then run them back into the bay I need them in? Then replace the baseboards.

I didnt think of that at all. I think I like it though. This could save me alot of work.

On a load bearing exterior wall I THINK i remember that I can notch them up to 1/4" deep. Is that correct?

What are the metal plates you are talking about?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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