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Removing Subfloor for Wall Access

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I need to route some wires for wall mounting a flat screen TV, the problem is I have to cross 3 bays in the wall with no attic access because I am running these wires on the 1st floor of a 2 story house.

I was thinking that I might be able to remove the subfloor on the second story to gain access to the lower story wall.

Can you guys tell me if this will work? It is on an exterior wall, the floor joists are standard I beams.

My fear was after I remove the subfloor The I beams may still block me from getting into the lower wall with a tape to pull the wires up and back down.
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So the floor under the t.v. is concrete? If the base is tall enough, you can drill notches in the stud bottoms, run wires, install metal plates, re-install base. If it is glued, (required by manufacturer) you will probably ruin it on removal. Cut sub floor next to the I- joists, install 2x support boards with screws or nails from a gun.(screws won't vibrate and pop fasteners in the ceiling below) The joists have holes that remove with a tap. Screw flooring back on. Be safe, GBAR
Actually I meant to go behind the wall base at the concrete floor. The base has to be taller than the 1-1/2" of the wall's bottom plate. Wouldn't do any good to do from 2nd floor, still have to drill twice in the top of the wall below.

Called nail plates: Be safe, GBAR
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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