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removing stone tile from chimney for flashing installation

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hi guys,

I have a cultured stone covered chimney and recently I found out that there is a leak through the flashing and I need to replace them.

However because it was fully covered with the stone i will have to remove the bottom part of the stone where it meets the roof to be able to install the new flashing.

My question is while the bottom stones are removed would it affect the ones up above causing it to collapse?

Here is a picture of what kind of stone it was on my chimney and the chimney is actually wooden chimney and not concrete.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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That''s considered an "adhered veneer", so technically, it should hang on it's own with no reliance on the stone below it. Quite often, we install thin stone from the to top down, to keep the stone cleaner. That being said, you may be challenged to remove only "some" of the stone at the bottom w/o creating collateral damage to more stone above.............
Thanks for the reply, actually the roofer will do the removal and flashing work, some of the bottom small pieces has already fall off so I was hoping they could start from those gaps and hopefully it's easy enough for them to remove the pieces.

One thing I was planning to do is to put the pieces back on myself. I was wondering if there is any adhesives out there that can be used for this application or I should call a mansor to do it proper way?

Again any info would be appreciated, thanks
mason would probably use mortar,,, how comfortable do you feel matching the existing mortar's color OR can you live w/the new mortar being appreciably different in color ?
motar being different colour wouldn't be a big deal as it is at the bottom of the chiminey and you can hardly unless u climb up there.

However because it is not that big of an area that will be removed, I'm now thinking maybe I should just use something like PL Premium and glue them back myself, is it a good idea?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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