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Removing Screen from Skylight

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I can not figure out how to remove the screen from my skylight. I have attached a couple of pictures with the clips shown. I am sure the answer will be very embarrassing to me. :smile:


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Lift up on the tabs, parallel to the skylight, and it should sink into the screen track on the other side and be able to come out of the track on the lower side.
That should do it. If not, check about midway up for spring type screen latches (one on each side). Sometimes they are hard to see and blend right in with the skylight window frame.
Thanks but none of these suggestions worked. The tabs look like they are hooked underneath the screen and then over the top of the bottom brace. I can't see exactly because the screen is in the way. The tabs can slide side to side but I can not budge them by lifting or pulling them.
is that a velux skylight? What brand is it?
I zoomed in, it's velux. Contact them directly and ask or go to their website.
104 Ben Casey Drive
Fort Mill, SC 29708

You think those clips would just pull right out. Must be a special way to do it.
Thanks. I will do that and keep you posted.
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