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removing pressure washer spill valve

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I have a Karcher 2400 pressure washer that I have been trying to remove the spill valve. I can push it in slightly but can't remove it. There is a bypass just above it which won't allow it to pop out when I run it. Have soaked for 24 hrs. Any ideas? Thanks...
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I think what you are asking about is more commonly known as an unloader. It dumps water when the pw gun is closed, right? By dumping excess PSI, the pressure is regulated.
Did you find hte part in the pictures I sent to you. Do they show enough detail to determine if the part is threaded? This may be a proprietary part, only availble from Karcher or another PW sold by the same group of companies.

Try this

Do you have a local Karcher dealer?

Your Karcher is different than either of my pressure washers, so I am not familiar with the unloader on your machine. this seems to be the answer. your problem is a common problem.
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