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removing pressure washer spill valve

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I have a Karcher 2400 pressure washer that I have been trying to remove the spill valve. I can push it in slightly but can't remove it. There is a bypass just above it which won't allow it to pop out when I run it. Have soaked for 24 hrs. Any ideas? Thanks...
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I think what you are asking about is more commonly known as an unloader. It dumps water when the pw gun is closed, right? By dumping excess PSI, the pressure is regulated.
The parts lists it as a spill valve. It does what you are saying I believe. It's hard to believe that it won't come out of the bore even though the machine has been idle for a few years.
OK I will retry as per the list you sent. Fingers X's!
OK I had my doubts as to how much success I would have and I wasn't. WhenI first started the washer I did have full pressure. When I released the trigger and squeezed again there was no pressure. I found by lowering the throttle the pressure would come back. I went to full throttle (while squeezing) and there was pressure until I released the trigger. I will try to get the valve out after I purchase a pair of needle nose vise grips. I will also try to contact the repair company that you found with the info for repairs. I will be in touch.:thumbsup:
Here's what I ended up doing with my Karcher PW. I removed the piston guidance assembly and plugged the opening to the thermo valve which was allowing the water pressure to bypass the unloader valve. I reassembled the unit and started the motor with the trigger squeezed and had full pressure! When I released the trigger the pressure backup was,,,, to say the least awsome!! I squeezed and released a few times then left the trigger released hoping to blow out the unloader, which a tech with a company that sells and services these machines said was the way to do it sort of.:no: I was standing a distance from the PW and all that happened was the motor shutdown. I have givin up at trying to remove the unloader valve and ordered a new piston guidance assy.:mad:
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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