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Removing pipe wrap around copper pipe

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I want to remove some pipe wrap around some copper pipe so I can make a cut and connect it with a sharkbite. I don't want to take a picture of it today but plan to go into the crawl space in the next few days. Believe it is wrapped around some 1/2 inch copper pipe. The pipe wrap is silver and is wrapped around the pipe to protection it from freezing. Probably was wrapped around the pipe some time between 1965 to 1980. Am I going to have trouble removing this with a box cutter or with a heavy duty scissor cutter in the picture ???? I assume it is taped to the pipe. Going to ask the clerks in the plumbing department at Home Depot what I should do. Once I get the pipe wrap off the pipe I want to get anything off the pipe, cut it, and then sand it with some steel wool. Then place the sharkbite on it. Hoping this will be easy to do.


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Cut any electric power to the wrap and cut with whatever works best for you of any of a multitude of possible tools that won't damage the copper.
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