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Removing paint from varnished trim

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My wife and I moved in an new home about a year ago. The previous owner in an attempt to sell the house, painted everything in the house with white latex paint. The trim around doors and windows was previously varnished or polyurethaned prior to this reckless paint job. The paint is now starting to chip off whenever it is bumped, and already beginning to look terrible. The exposed woodwork in the other homes in the neighborhood looks great

What would be the easisest way to remove this paint and expose the nice wood again. What type of stripper would remove the glossy latex paint, but not damage the oil based varnish underneath? I am willing to do a little sanding and poly afterwards, but don't want too messy of a job.
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Not going to happen, anything strong enough to remove the paint will also remove the poly.
The fastest least messy way would be to remove the trim and replace with new stain grade trim that's been prestained so your not getting the stain all over the walls.
Joe's right---stripping trim in place will be a mess---and spoil the paint on the walls around the woodwork----

If the trim is really unusual and not easy to duplicate--stripping will be an option---but the cost of stripping (if your time is work anything) will be as much or more than replacing it----
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