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removing load bearing wall from first floor

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I am having a load bearing wall removed by a contractor. We are going to have it set in the ceiling so that it is flush. It will be a steel I-beam. One end will rest on the foundation but the other will have to be supported by a lally column that is tied into a footing in the basement. Here is where the problem lies. This end also is inside a wall that has a stairwell on the other side. We found a way around this but when the contractor cut the hole for the support pad low and behold the PVC sewer pipe was right in the middle of where the support column should rest. I don't think it is a good idea to fill in the hole around the sewer pipe with concrete since I am pretty sure it will collapse. Does anybody have any ideas as to what can be done in order to support the lally column at this location?
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You can't reroute the PVC?
The PVC is underneath our basement slab. Therefor requiring a lot of work in order to reroute it. I don't know how much effort that will be but I assume that it will be a big effort with the contractor taking up a large section of concrete basement floor.
Well, can you put a foundation pad on either side of the PVC pipe, and span the pipe with a steel or poured, reinforced concrete header? Just bridge the little sucker.
Yeah I was thinking about that. If there is no more ideas than that might work. I also was looking at it again and dthe main water line is about 5-6 inches to the right of the pvc pipe. If you think that I can fit a support leg of the span in between that then I think that is that way to go.
If you're getting a permit you might want to ask the inspector. Or you might want to reconsider where the steel beam ends.
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