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Did you buy the double barrel epoxy gun or just rent it?

And....Isn't that epoxy expensive? And careful what you get it WON'T come off....
Good questions. Yes, I bought the double barrel epoxy gun (the smaller one, for 22 oz tubes). It's outrageously expensive, but on the upside, it works pretty well, given that the epoxy is extremely stiff stuff. Of course, the epoxy itself is expensive too. Now I figure that I have to epoxy a lot of bolts into place to make it all worthwhile...

Actually, I allocated $1K for this entire job, and even after buying a good rotary hammer ($200), a cheap air compressor ($75), a fancy epoxy gun (about $65), and almost all metal parts being zmax/galvanized, I'm sure I'll still come in well under budget. It would of cost several times as much to get somebody to do it, and even more to get it done by somebody I really trust to do it right.

Btw, I've previously done quite a bit of work with epoxy (boat builder kinds of stuff mostly, but also epoxy grout---not epoxy-related concrete work). If you're interested, here are some photos where I put epoxy over a madrone slab
and here's some pictures of some of my epoxy grout work

Anyways, you definitely don't want to get epoxy on your bare skin. It's a "sensitizing" agent (like poison oak, for example). You might have no problem the first time (or 2 ,or 3, or...) that uncured epoxy gets on your skin, but at some point, you're likely to be sensitized. After that happens, you'll have a nasty reaction whenever you touch it, and maybe even when you're just in the same room with uncured epoxy. So, it's best not to let things get to that point.
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