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Removing concrete slab on 3rd floor bathroom

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I just purchased a house (approx. 90-100yrs old) and on the 3rd floor is a concrete slab in the bathroom. I believe it is causing the floor to sag, and I'll be tearing some of the ceiling down to inspect where I can see some water damage and make sure the floor joists are OK.

I was talking with a friend and he started freaking me out about the concrete slab over my head and all the weight and it falling through (probably unlikely).

Aside from the slab, the whole bathroom (including ceiling is pink tile - ugly and heavy) and since I will have to remodel the bathroom anyway, was thinking about taking out the slab.

Should I leave the slab, just inspect the floor joist, or take it out.

And of course if I take it out, how to go about this. Sledge hammer, jack hammer, etc are all out. I don't want to use any impact methood. I thought some type concrete cutting saw, score it, and chip it out. Any input?
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The tiles arent cracked, and part of the ceiling is down already. We are putting up new sheetrock anyway, so if I HAVE to rip down the ceiling, no biggie. I can see where there was some type of leak on the old ceiling, I'll start inspecting there.

WHen we took out the old radiators, they were so heavy we had to break them with a sledge hammer, and the whole house was rattling, so I ended up cutting the rest with a sawzall, hence why I am hesitant with the hammer.

I suppose I'll look at the joist, and if they are OK just leave it. Maybe even add some more support going between them.
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