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I moved into a new place, an the jalousie windows are all caulked shut.

Caulking along all the seams where the glass blades lap, and all the hardware along the sides. Sealed up nice and tight.

Because of the design of the hardware, simply slicing the caulk does not work.

Only effective means i found so far is break glass, remove and clean hardware, reinstall hardware, add new glass.

I have plenty of glass that I got from a salvage. I've done two windows (11 blades each) so far, and have eight more to go. I'd like to save the glass, if possible, but am more than OK with breaking and replacing. It's about an hour per window using that method.

I was wondering if there is some chemical that will work on the caulk-but if so, I imagine the cleanup factor is going to be terrible.
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