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Removing Carpet Glue?

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Hello All,

I would like to get started on one of my "winter projects" which is removing the carpet that is in my kitchen, that's right carpet in the kitchen! :plain:

I don't think I will be at this house more than a few more years so I was thinking of replacing the carpeting with something inexpensive like a stick-on tile or a roll-out vinyl?

I haven't started to pull the carpet up but when I had the refrigerator out there wasn't any carpet under it and it appears when they installed the carpet they glued it down. Does the glue need to be removed to make sure the new flooring goes down flat? If so how much of a process / PITA will that be?

I am looking at getting a line of credit on the house in the near future so I will be needing to get it appraised and I don't want to get into a big project and have the kitchen "under renovation" during the appraisal.
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Depends on what you install. If you are putting down a loose lay vinyl, just scrape as much glue as you can off the floor. Then sprinkle corn starch on the floor if any of it is sticky. Then sweep the floor and roll out the vinyl. As long as the floor is fairly smooth, you will be fine.
Forgive me, but what is a "loose lay" vinyl? From the glue I saw under the refrigerator I doubt any of it is still wet and it appears the carpet has probably been down since sometime in the 80s.
Loose lay is like "Flexitec"
. It does not have to be glued to the floor. Very DIY friendly.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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