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Removing a load bearing wall

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I have a load bearing wall that separates my kitchen and living room that i want to replace with a beam. The kitchen has another room on top of it but my living room is open. The wall is 15 foot tall with the second floor resting on it. There are 2 36 in doors in the wall and the wall between is 7ft. The total open span will be 13'6". The floor is built out of 2X8x10 and the wall that rests on it is 7foot tall and 12 foot in length. I want to use 2-2x12x14 yellow pine with 1/2 in plywood between them. I plan on supporting the outside of the beam with a 6x6 wood column on each end. Will this be significant to support the weight? The rafters do not rest on the wall.
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You are changing structure so will no doubt need a permit. To get the permit your are probably going to need a drawing and structural engineer, building designer or architect sign-off anyhow so ask them what you need to support the new structure.
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