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Removing a chipped tile on a current install

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Four days ago I layed porcelain tile on drywall using thinset mortar. When I went to remove the shims which were holding the tiles in place, chunks of the tile chipped off at the bottom on one of the tiles. Unfortunately, this will show and won't be covered by anything! Can I try to remove that single tile or will the drywall just be destroyed? I'm just sick about leaving something like that. It will make a brand new job look bad.
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Very odd that a porcelain tile would crumble like that. These tiles are incredibley hard. The spacers should have been removed after the first 24 hours. There's no need to keep them in place for that long. The thinset might still be soft enough to remove the tile. If you can't pry it off, cut it with a grinder into sections and pop it off.
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If I am able to remove the tile, what kind of shape will the drywall be in?? That's my concern. It's an 18x18 tile and I don't want to pry it off if the drywall will be totally shot. I forgot to mention that there's no tile above this one as I haven't layed the bullnose above it or grouted yet.

You might need to replace a section of drywall. It all depends on how dry the thinset is and your ability to remove the tile. The edges will be dry, but the deeper you go into the tiles middle, the moister it will be as the tile is so dense. The longer you wait, the harder it will be.
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