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Removing a bulkhead

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I'm remodeling my kitchen and came across an unexpected bulkhead. It looks like drywall with wire mesh and plaster on the little bit I removed so far.
The center of the face and bottom do not have the mesh through them, just on the corners. I am needing to remove this as the 2x4 running across the ceiling and along each wall have to be removed so I can smooth this into the ceiling. My question, what will be the best way to remove this? I used a saws all but am concerned about knocking the ceiling and wall plaster loose. I was going to try an angle grinder but if there is a less dusty way to do this I'm open for suggestions. I know, wishful thinking but it can't hurt.

Thank You
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Get an assistant to hold a shop-vac hose along side / below the saw as you cut.
Used an angle grinder but couldn't find an assistant. I tried a couple of ways using duct tape and the shop vac hose but they didn't work really well so I just made a heck of a mess and got it done. I am amazed at how strong 3/8 drywall, metal mesh, and plaster is.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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