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remove wood embedded in concrete?

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A few days ago, we poured a big concrete footing (8+ yards) that's for a retaining wall. There was a supposedly temporary wooden stake and 2x4 in the middle that were propping up some stuff. I got distracted and I forgot about the stake and 2x4 until the concrete was too hard to remove them.

Now the stake is visible (and I think I can find the 2x4 with a little hammer drilling) and I'm wondering if there is any way to get rid of these. They are about 3' long, so pulling and/or drilling them out doesn't seem to be an option. I was thinking that sulfuric acid would dissolve the wood pretty quickly, but that's a lot harder to find than I'd expected. Any thoughts on possible ways to deal with this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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My only concern is that the wood is probably close to some of the rebar---perhaps even touching it. So, as the wood eventually rots out, the rebar will start to rust.
And how long do you think you are going to live? You don't really think you can out-live that rebar do you?:)

Forget about it - move on.:)
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