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Remove section of load bearing wall

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Hi, I want to remove two studs on a load bearing (I assume, because its the only wall at a half way point of a house) wall to create an opening between my kitchen and living room area. This is on the upper floor so there is only have a roof above. The roof is pitched, I think with the peak more or less over the wall I want to remove. Is this something I should consult a structural engineer about?What I actually want to do is create a window or an opening between the two areas, not necessarily a door and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or pointers.

Thanks a lot.
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Do you have a picture of the area?
Is there an attic & can you see if there are any studs that support the roof from this wall?
Also can you tell if any ceiling joists (2x's) end on this area?
Basically you need a header & cripple joists to carry the load
Is there a wall below this wall?
Once you install the header & new support framing there has to be something below to support the new weight distribution
You may also need a temp support while installing the header

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