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Greetings y'all-

I'm not too sure if this is more appropriate as an HVAC question but it seems relevant to general construction...

I have an existing brick chimney that extends from the basement to the roofline whose sole purpose is for venting the gas hot water heater and gas-fired boiler in my basement. The problem is, this chimney runs through both 1st and 2nd floor bathrooms and occupies precious space in both immediately adjacent to the toilets. Since I am in the process of redesigning both, I am curious as to the following:

If I remove the chimney, can the venting be acheived via a new sheet metal vent (from basement to roof) with enclosing it in brick again? If so, where could I find a source for design/sizing/installation details/codes?


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Where could I find a source for design/sizing/installation details/codes?

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