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Remove bedroom carpet & paint the floor??

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OK - maybe this is weird, but I wanna take out carpet & paint the floor!
You see, we're changing my 5 year old's room to a Disney Cars room with full room wrap around mural & car bed - but the nasty stained white carpet has GOT to go!

We got paint swatches from the home store, and my kid fell in love with this picture of a room with car bed on a PAINTED floor - they painted the floor to look like the bed was on a road with lines like a 'real street' and green painted on either side to look like grass!

I'd love to do this for him, but I'm guessing what's under the carpet is the same OSB subfloor that we have downstairs and that isn't really "paintable"- So I'm wondering what's the best solution to this??

I'm thinkin he'll only want this room for a couple years max so I'm not really TOO worried about longevity-- i'm wondering if I can lay peel & stick tiles then paint them with maybe porch paint?? But will the tiles even stick to that icky subfloor that I'm guessing is under the carpet?

Any ideas? (Oh, and I gotta keep on budget - which is like NO money! :wink: - well, as cheep as we can do it!) thanks!


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Well there are 2 choices that will look the best.
Both will require money but only for materials, you can lay the floor down yourself.

1) buy Tarkett floating sheet Vinyl. They have one with a road pattern....very cool for kids.

2) go to and find the store nearest you. They have teamed up with Pixar and now have carpet from the movie "cars"

as far as paint......I don't know....not sure how good it will look.
This could be done in custom laser cut linoleum! Each color would be a different piece and it gets seamed in place. Could be big bucks. It would last forever and is very eco friendly. You could carpet over it later and it cleans easily.

See some here

Google it - you will see lots of options.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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