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House was built 20 years ago with a wood burning fireplace that had a NG line with a key valve in the floor by the hearth that controlled the gas starter. Open the key valve, light the gas, start the logs afire, shut off the key valve. Everything was hard piped in black pipe from the supply to the key valve and from the key valve to the gas starter.

Fast forward to now and we are doing a remodel and replacing the WBFP with a direct vent gas fireplace that will have an autopilot and electronic start. A lot has changed in 20 years. What is the proper way to plumb and connect the new fireplace? My local code follows 2018 Intl Fuel Gas Code. The new gas fireplace has a shutoff valve below the firebox in the controls area. The existing key valve is under the subfloor and not real accessible but now more than it ever was or will be.

I am trying to determine what to leave and what needs to be added. Is it acceptable and ok practice to leave the key valve open full time? Should I remove the key valve? I was planning to make my final gas line connection with CSST from the existing black pipe stub to the shutoff valve in the new fireplace. Do I need to add a shutoff valve outside the fireplace?

Assume the key valve, if it remained, would not be accessible in the current location after the remodel due to flooring and wall changes. If left in place it would have to be permanently "open".

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