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Relocating House Main Supply Line Entry

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I'm considering installing a water softener and plan to place it in my garage near the water heater. The problem is the main supply enters the house about 30 ft away. It is 3/4" PCV, valved with vacuum breaker. Meter is on the curb. The supply line enters the exterior wall at about 1 ft above grade. House is on a concrete slab, so all the pipe is embedded. Typically in Florida, this results in an exterior softener install, but I'd rather not do that.

My thought is to cap off the existing entry, run the main supply line underground 30 ft, new valve/vacuum breaker, then through the garage wall to the water softener. The return from the softener would connect into the existing water heater supply line (3/4" copper).

Any issues with this configuration? Seems like it should work, but I don't know if I've missed any technical issue or if there's a code violation here. My other thought was to run the soft water line back to the original supply entry, but seemed like double the effort for the same result.

I've included a rough schematic of the plan.