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Hi guys,

Finished my manual transfer switch install and went very smoothly. I'm at the stage of installing my 30amp reliance inlet box to power the transfer switch when generator is running. Just wanted to double check my installation plans:

Using 3/4 pvc conduit schedule 40 for about 1ft run outside w/ LB and connectors rated for outdoors.

I'll be pulling (4) 10 stranded THHN wire through the conduit (2 hots, 1 neutral, 1 ground).

I did have a question about the transition indoors. Do I need to do anything with the THHN like run through conduit? They will be traveling through my shop in the basement to the transfer switch (about 15ft). Just not sure if they need protection as they don’t have the insulating jacket like NM-B. Do I need to add a junction box when the THHN enters the house and switch over to NM-B?

Also, when i bring the conduit through the rim joist, what is the best way to secure it?

Thanks guys.


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THHN or THWN wires do need to be in conduit. Yes on the junction box where you make the transition to romex.

If you make the conduit coming into the house long enough, you can put a support spanning the joists to tie into. Just a short 2x4 or something between the joists is fine.
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