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Hi, I am new here and hoping somebody can help me out.

Does anybody have any ideas how to fix up my old floor. House was built in 1906 and has pine floors upstairs but this in the main room. Not sure how old the floor is but I neglected it a bit for the last 6 years with the intention of laying new floor on top.

Now for the questions:

Any ideas what type of wood this is?

A few areas in from of the doorways have splitting edges (see photo: gaps) causing some rather large gaps. Any recommendations what I can fill this with?

Any ideas what kind of finish is on this floor? Water does soak in to some degree and can anything be done to polish it. There is some sort of coating finish on it but am not that familiar with woods and finishes (see photo: floor).

Finally I have one small 4'x4' worn out area. Any ideas what to do with this and how to blend it in (see photo: worn_area)?

None of this needs to look perfect.

Any help appreciated.



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Looks like red oak to me.
What's under that floor.
It was common many years ago to just lay the flooring on top of the floor joist with no sub flooring.
Made for a nice cold breezey floor in the winter.
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