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I am in the process of refurbishing my rims. They are 17inch Aluminum Alloy rims. I initially started the first rim by completely removing the clear coat because it was peeling and there was corrosion. My first method was to remove as much material i could using abrasives and then hand sanding from coarse grit (100) to a fine polish (1000). But i found that this process took a long time and a lot of tedious sanding which drove me crazy.

I am now thinking it is best to just paint them with Ford specific Metallic paint. The reason why I am posting this thread is to find some clarification on the painting process.

I will be removing the existing material as I did before using Aircraft paint remover and some abrasive wheels. As far as the paint goes I am curious about priming, finish paint, and clear coat -- in regards to the timing and working conditions.

Is it best to do them all in sequence within a certain time period? Or can i do primer one day then metallic and clear coat the next? Any sanding between coats?

Most of the directions specify to not apply below 50 degrees for various reasons. They also say to do coats at certain intervals for a certain duration of time.

Anyone have personal experience with having done this before? Tips?

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