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how do you replace a ribbon cable harness on a frigidaire refrigerator
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Fridgidaire refrig.

My water dispenser on my frigidaire PLHS269ZDB9 side by side refrigerator was leaking behind the dispenser paddle. I removed the front panel and pushed the water tube back down into the dispenser hole. My daughter was holding the front panel and the ribbon cable to the front control panel came unattached. When I reattached it, the ice maker auger started dispensing ice and will not stop as long as the ribbon cable is plugged into the front panel. I am not sure how to reattach the ribbon cable. Could you please help.

Ok, Now I got the ribbon cable plug in, lol Now the ice dispenser keep running. What can I do. Frigidaire Refreg. PLHS269ZB
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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