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I have a Frigidarire 23 cu ft side x side counter depth refrigerator that is a little over 2 years old - Model - FSC23F7DW5. It has not had a problem until a few days ago when the temp. in the freezer started to rise and the surround on the freezer door was very warm if not on the hot side. The temp in the freezer rose to 32 degrees and I shut the unit off and moved all of the frozen items to another refrigerator.

The owners manual states that the sealed unit ie the refrigeration system carries a 5 year warranty. I have seen several posts stating that in 2008 Frigidaire cancelled the 5 year warranty and went to a 1 year. My unit was purchased in February of 08 new from a local appliance store. The 800 number on the door of the refrigerator simply says to put in a zip code and then refers a repair dealer. Being a weekend I decided to wait until Monday to call.

Today I pulled the lower cover off the back of the unit and found that the fan blade had come off its shaft. I reinstalled the fan blade and turned the unit on and the fan started running however after 4 hours the temp in both the freezer and fridge had not come down at all. And the compressor was very hot so I shut the unit off.

Can anyone tell me what they believe has happened. As well as experience with the 5 year warranty being in effect on a unit purchased new in Feb. of 08.

Thanks in advance.
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