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Refrigerator Gasket Repair

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How do I go about replacing the gasket around the refrigerator door? I have an older refrig with some tears in the gasket.

The door also does not fully close ...leaving some space between the gasket on the body. I think it may be taken care of when a new gasket is put in ... if not, I assume that I can make some small adjustments to the door hinge?

Any direction would be helpful.

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Do you have somewhere close that you can get a replacement? Make & Model numbers. Once you take the old one off, you don't want to be having to order a new one.
When you pry the weatherstrip back a little, are there any screws. We have some older fridges like that. They hold the inside panel on the fridge door. The gasket goes around that panel in a little groove.

Type " refrigerator gasket replacement" in YouTube.

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at the top of my most disliked appliance repair jobs is replacing a door seal. follow these steps and you should be able to get it.
1] remove door and lay on flat surface.
2] pry back the gasket to expose the screws that hold the door liner and gasket on( about 1,000,000 of them]
3) loosen all the screws as far as possible without removing them
4) pull gasket off liner
5) very important, soak new gasket in tub of hot water (actually this should be step 1 )
6) install new gasket onto liner
7) tighten all screws a few turns, do not tighten all the way
8) reinstall door on refrig
9) start at the top middle of door and tighten screws 1/4 way around door
10) close door to make sure it is not getting out of shape
11) tighten 1/4 of the remaining screws
12) repeat step 10 and 11 until done
13) most likely you will have to apply heat wqith a hair dryer to get the gasket to take shape. Be very careful with your heat you can melt the new gasket
14) cuss manufactures for folding the gasket in half and stuffing it in that damn box
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