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Frigidaire Top Freezer Mount
FRT18PRH Model Number
18 Cubic Feet, About 12 years old me thinks.
Condenser on back of fridge.

There's a Cold-Coldest Dial in freezer compartment (I removed back wall & fan cover) that regulates quantity of air only. Not sure if there's any other thermostat in fresh food compartment

Compressor is running, and hot to touch. Not just humming, but seems to me to have the sound and vibration of a running compressor. Fan in freezer compartment is running full speed.

Evaporater, behind back wall of freezer compartment, has no frost on it at all.

Temperature is the same for upper and lower compartments.

Air flow to freezer compartment and fresh food, is unrestrictred.

Condensor on back of fridge is not dust covered - is clean.

No water accumulation in fresh food drawers or compartment.

No condensation in freezer compartment, or fresh food compartment.

Drip pan on bottom of fridge (mounted on top of compressor) is dry.

Thx much for any help.

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possibly low refrigerant charge. Pull the cover on the evap coil and see if you have a frost pattern evenly across the entire coil. If not you are low and most likely will be shopping for a new refrig.

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I don't know about your fridge but with the ge top freezer models that I work with, sometimes the fan motor gets a little slower with age. It's not really noticeable except that everything else checks out okay but the fridge and freezer aren't quite cold enough. Also, you notice that the fridge runs almost constantly. Again, I'm not familiar with your model but it's quite common with ge top freezer.
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