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Refinishing wood steps that were covered by carpet, removing discoloration.

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I'm trying to finish wood steps that were carpeted. After sanding them I've noticed they are discolored where they were carpeted compared to the small area that was exposed for the banister spindles. Also discolored around scratch mark apparently from where carpet was cut. I've tried oxalic acid to bleach it. It only worked for the black marks from the tack strip nails not for the discolored area. How can I even out the natural wood color?
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How much sanding did you do?? I've redone stairs once before and they needed a lot of sanding to get the colour to match.

I had to sand with a very corse grit to really get through some layers and once the colour matched I went to a finer grit to smooth it all out before adding the finish.
Ron6519 said:
The issue you'll have is the cut mark from removing the carpet. When you stain the stairs, this will be much darker then the surrounding wood.
But that "wood"  depend on how deep the cut marks are. If he sands to the depth of the cut marks that will eliminate them all together.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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